The 94-year-old Holocaust survivor who makes every Purim costume contest count. Directed by Tamir Elterman. More on this video: Watch more on Aeon: Subscribe:

Anny Junek, a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor, loves dressing up for the Jewish holiday of Purim. In fact, she’s the three-time champion of her Israeli retirement home's annual costume contest (as a bride, a Smurf, a doctor, and a handyman). She basks in the element of surprise and never reveals her costume before the contest. After losing her parents in Auschwitz and surviving Bergen-Belsen, Anny moved from Austria to Mexico where she raised her family. Now a great-grandmother in Israel, Anny and her family have hatched a plan for a fourth win.

Spring Chicken is a short documentary which follows Anny as she celebrates life's small moments and finds beauty in the most unexpected places.


Robinson International Film Competition, Silver Prize winner, 2017
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, 2016
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, 2017
Guanajuato Film Festival, 2017
Toronto Jewish Film Festival, 2017
Moscow Jewish Film Festival, 2017
Washington DC Jewish Film Festival, 2017
Festival of Tolerance, Zagreb, 2017
San Diego Jewish Film Festival, Joyce Film Forum, 2017
Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, 2017
DocLands Film Festival, 2017
Indie Street Film Festival, 2017
DocuWest International Film Festival, 2017
Ekaterinburg Jewish Film Festival, 2017
Chester County “Summer Shorts”, 2017

Director & Producer: Tamir Elterman
DP: Michael Miroshnik, Ed Ou, Tamir Elterman
Edited by: David Alexander, Tamir Elterman
Country: US, Mexico, Israel
Language: Spanish, Hebrew, English